Your target customers are searching for what you sell.

You want to make sure they find you.

I show you how to make that happen. As an SEO consultant, that’s what I do.

What You Don’t Need

The truth is, it isn’t all that difficult to get your business found online.

You need some skilled professionals:

And that’s about it.

Odds are, you already have people you can count on to do those things, and well. They're people you trust and who know what your business stands for. They may be your employees. They may be freelancers. They may be a marketing agency.

Your team is missing just one thing – a seasoned search marketing specialist. Someone who knows what it takes to get your business to show up in Google. An expert at search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM).

That’s me.

What I Can Offer You

My main offering is a completely custom SEO action plan that you can follow over the course of the coming year to transform the way your business gets found by customers.

Asking for a professional search marketing plan is a one-time commitment. There’s no ongoing monthly fee or any long-term attachment to worry about. Once you have the plan, I’m available to support your team as much or as little as you need it, with absolutely no pressure from me.

How the Process Works

1. I Get to Know Your Business

The process of developing your search marketing action plan begins with you helping me get to know your business – which customers you serve, what problems you solve for them, what is responsible for your success, and how you want to grow.

2. I Dig Into the Data

Once I understand these fundamentals about your business, I learn more by digging deeply into additional sources – data from your website, from Google, from your competitors, and from other sources. I get to know your website inside and out. I step into the shoes of the people searching for what you have to offer and learn what drives them. Through this process, I discover the best opportunities for you to succeed in search and uncover the weaknesses that are holding you back.

3. I Present My Findings and the Plan

As an outcome of that process, I develop a search marketing strategy for your business. It’s a plan of action that you and your team can implement. I walk you through what I’ve found along with what I recommend and why, taking as much time as you like and answering all your questions. By showing you what I’ve found and explaining why I recommend what I do, my intent is to make the sometimes mysterious and shadowy realm of SEO remarkably clear to you. Only then can you have the confidence you need to succeed.

4. I Answer Your Questions

The search marketing plan includes all the detail you need to implement it. Once you have it in hand and I’ve answered all your questions (this often takes a couple weeks as you review and digest the plan), you will have everything you need to start making changes and getting results.

5. I Support You as You Need It

At that point, I’m often asked to take care of technical SEO tasks on your site or to get a brand-new Google AdWords account running, and I am happy to do either. I’m also available to check in once every three, six, or twelve months to provide a metrics report, suggest updates to your strategy, and make sure you are supported.

This Seems Different

If the way I work seems different from what you’ve seen in the world of SEO, that’s because it is.

I provide an alternative. Instead of trying to replace your team, I support your team. Instead of trying to completely change the way you do things, I help you get better.

Make Contact

If you’d like to be empowered to implement search marketing with the team you already have in place, let’s talk.

I also always welcome any and all feedback through my public feedback form.

About Evident

My business name indicates my promise to make the hows and whys of search marketing less mysterious and more evident to you.

Evident is the consultancy of Daniel Klotz (view LinkedIn profile). I live and work in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

I am committed to making a positive social and environmental impact through my business. I make my impact reporting public and am working to increase its scope, detail, and verifiability.