What We Can Offer You

We begin by preparing a completely custom SEO action plan for you that we follow over the course of the coming year. As we implement that plan, we transform the way your business gets found by customers.

Asking us for that professional search marketing plan is a one-time commitment. There’s no ongoing monthly fee or any long-term attachment to worry about. Once you have the plan, we’re here to support your team as much or as little as you need it, with absolutely no pressure from us.

How the Process Works

1. We Get to Know Your Business

We begin the process of developing your search marketing action plan by asking you to help us get to know your business – which customers you serve, what problems you solve for them, what is responsible for your success, and how you want to grow.

2. We Dig Into the Data

Once we understand these fundamentals about your business and what makes you unique, we learn more by digging deeply into additional sources – data from your website, from Google, from your competitors, and from other sources. We get to know your website inside and out. We step into the shoes of the people searching for what you have to offer and learn what drives them. Through this process, we discover the best opportunities for you to succeed in search and uncover the weaknesses that are holding you back.

3. We Develop Your Plan

As an outcome of that process, we develop a search marketing strategy for your business. It’s a plan of action that you and your team can implement. It’s practical and clear, informed by our judgment developed over years of experience.

4. We Present Our Findings and Your Plan to You

We walk you through what we’ve found along with what we recommend and why, taking as much time as you like and answering all your questions. By showing you what we’ve found and explaining why we recommend what we do, we make the sometimes mysterious and shadowy realm of SEO remarkably clear to you. That way, we empower you with the confidence you need to succeed.

5. We Answer Your Questions

The search marketing plan includes all the detail your team needs to implement it. Once you have it in hand and we’ve answered all your questions (this often takes a couple weeks as you review and digest the plan), you will have everything you need to start making changes and getting results.

6. We Support You as You Need It

At that point, businesses often ask us to complete some tasks in the action plan, such as implementing the technical SEO recommendations or launching a new Google AdWords account. We’re happy to do so. We also propose a plan where we check in once every three, six, or twelve months to provide you with a metrics report, suggest updates to your strategy, and make sure you are supported.

This Seems Different

If the way we work seems different from the offerings you’re used to seeing in the world of SEO, that’s because it is.

We provide an alternative. Instead of trying to replace your team, we support your team. Instead of trying to completely change the way you do things, we help your team get better.

Make Contact

If you’d like to be empowered to implement search marketing with the team you already have, let’s talk.